A ‘Review’ of the Film: ‘CATCH A FIRE’ and Sharing a few Thoughts on Forgiveness

Touching The Rainbow (Rainbows): A new Book

from https://weforgive.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/a-review-of-the-new-film-catch-a-fire-and-sharing-a-few-thoughts-on-forgiveness/

I think it’s vitally important to understand the mind of a person. Another important message in the story is how good people can often do bad things and the reader gets inside the soul of a man, who wanted to do good and yet preserve the status quo of the ruling regime – to protect the institutions and history of the country. The plots interweave, the two men living on different sides of the fence – both who love their families and their country equally; it’s just that they have a completely different view of their country and visions for its future. The story not only shines a light on South Africa’s past, but tells us something about the present and how one man’s freedom fighter can be another’s terrorist. (It just depends upon ones perspective). So, by only looking to history, we always find something, a…

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